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Our Heritage Centre is being rebuilt so we have a temporary Museum Display Room in the Thompson Building

Our old Heritage Centre is being rebuilt as the temporary planning permission for it has ended. This means that the area will be a construction site until the new building is complete.

For the duration of the rebuilding there is new display area in the Thompson Building, this is housing smaller items and several items being displayed for the first time. In addition there is a memory wall and we would be very happy for visitors to contribute their own memories.

We have constructed a brand-new Exhibition Hall to help preserve some of the larger items in our collection. The displays in this building are under development but, if the doors are open, you are welcome to look in the doors and see what is happening.

We have over the last three winters, replaced all the rails and installed mostly concrete sleepers in the station yard. The wooden sleepers were originally installed in 1985 and were second-hand then! This work also allowed us to put our vintage rolling stock into the Exhibition Building and remove the set of points that were in the middle of the Goods Shed.

See some of the pictures below for a glimpse of the works to date. We are looking for Volunteers to help us finish these projects. If you can help us please use the contact us form on this website or pop into reception for an information pack.

Hopefully, the building work does not detract from your enjoyment of the Museum. Please visit our website and follow us on Facebook to keep updated with our works.

New Exhibition Hall Under construction opening later this year

Next phase is installation of raised walkway by our Volunteers
Volunteers required to help us connected all the services especially the lighting and power
if you can help us please 
use the contact us form on this website to get in touch.

Goods Yard Works carried out by our Volunteers Jan- March 2024

New Heritage Centre